Road Hazard Warranty proves great success

5th Dec 2018

    1 - Visit an approved dealer

    2 - Purchase Nankang Tyres and ask for the 'ROAD HAZARD LIFETIME TYRE WARRANTY'

    3 - Keep your receipt and warranty booklet in your car

    4 - If damage occurs simply take your car back to to an approved Nankang dealer

    5 - They will inspect and offer discount from a new tyre based on the tread remaining tread depth as shown here

    8mm tread remaining - 100% discount given

    6mm to 8mm tread remaining - 75% discount given

    4mm to 6mm tread remaining - 50% discount given

    2mm - 4mm tread remaining - 25% discount given

    Less than 2mm tread remaining - 0% discount given

When the Nankang team created the ROAD HAZARD LIFETIME WARRANTY, they wanted a 'no quibble' warranty that would do what it is designed to do.

With many warranties and insurances in the market, all saying the same thing but small print showing otherwise, excluding cover for Taxi's, vans and other fitments.

The Nankang ROAD HAZARD LIFETIME WARRANTY offers cover to everybody using manufacturer approved fitments for road use.

To find your nearest approved dealer click on our DEALER tab at the top of this page


This mentality has been well received by dealers as a genuine selling tool allowing Nankang to stand out from the competition.

End users benefit with the peace of mind that their tyres are protected from potholes and irreparable punctures and the knowledge that their claim will be honored. 

To find out more information on the ROAD HAZARD LIFETIME WARRANTY click the Warranty tab at the top of the page

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