A great range of commercial tyre fitments from van to trailer and caravan


CW 20
CW 20

Designed for local or motorway use

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CW 25
CW 25

Trailer / Caravan and Commercial van fitments

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TR 10 trailor v2
TR 10

Trailor tyres with high durability

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EU Tyre Labelling

EU Wet Grip

eu wet grip

On the top right of the label, this shows 7 classes ranging from A (highest wet grip performance ) to G (lowest wet grip performance). Tyres with excellent grip in wet conditions have shorter breaking distances.

Fuel Efficiency

eu fuel efficiency

On the top left of the label, this shows 7 classes which range from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), the grading indicates the tyre's contribution to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

External Noise

eu external noise

The grading indicates the tyre’s contribution to traffic noise and the environment. The label displays sound waves and corresponding levels ranging from 1 (least noise) to 3 (highest noise).