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1st Jan 2019

Sometimes I feel that potholes, kerbs and other road hazards can actually move and ambush us to cause maximum damage. One minute the road is clear, the next you are looking at a puncture or – if really unlucky, at a blowout.


Nankang dealers will always try to repair your tyre rather than replace it, but sometimes it isn’t possible, especially when the puncture is on or near to the sidewalls. The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association lays down the law and essentially says that repairs can be carried out only to the central ¾ of the tyre and if the damaged area is less than ¼” (6mm) diameter.


That’s where the Nankang Road Hazard Lifetime Warranty comes in: if your Nankang tyre cannot be repaired, it will be replaced under warranty. If So, with Nankang tyres you don’t only get exceptional grip and durability without breaking the bank, but also our commitment to deliver exceptional service.


Over the next few months, this blog shall follow a variety of Nankang users like you, in town, in the country, on big and small cars, private and business, telling you about their real-life experience of driving on Nankang tyres and their practical advice to fellow drivers.


In the meantime, a bit of advice from me on how to avoid road hazards and tyre damage in the first place (yes, you can do a lot about it).


  •  Inspect your tyres monthly for wear and tear, cuts, bulges and slow punctures. Pay special attention to the tires on the right, where scuffing occurs most often against the kerb.
  • Check your tyres’ pressure, especially in winter: did you know that up to 1 psi may be lost with every 10°F (5.5°C) drop in temperature? Driving deflated or underinflated tyres weakens their structure and makes them prone to punctures and blowouts. It also increases their rolling resistance and fuel consumption, hitting your wallet even when you think you are safe.
  • Don’t overload your car or van – this may force an object into the tyre that would have otherwise been rolled over. And if you hit a pothole, you risk a blowout.
  • Following from the above, avoid potholes. I know, easier said than done, especially in winter, in the rain or in the dark, but driving slower helps a lot. And if you know there’s a road pitted with potholes, take a detour.
  • Avoid grit, often at the edge of the road or at the kerb. That’s also where sharp things collect.
  • Watch out for construction areas, by default source of nails and sharp objects. If that’s where you have to go, park where it is safe and – yes – walk.
  • Fit the right Nankang tyre for your car: your nearest Nankang dealer will give you expert advice on tyre choice and specifications, tailored to your requirements. And don’t forget: only Nankang tyres come with the Nankang Road Hazard Lifetime Warranty.

Happy new year to all of you and wish you a healthy, safe and successful 2019!

Safe Driving,


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