1st Jun 2019

Nankang knows a thing or two about commercial tyres.  We’ve been in the business for more than 60 years, keeping vans and trailers on the road in all seasons and all over the world, dedicated to give the driver peace of mind and value for money.

When you are carrying goods day-in and day-out, on all sorts of road, the last thing you want is for your tyres to let you down. But the risk is there, it’s the nature of the beast. Vans have to deliver heavy loads everywhere, without delay, regardless of the road conditions, meaning that van tyres must cope with unique stresses and wear-and-tear, different from a normal car.




Car and van tyres may look the same, but couldn’t be more different. Except when you have passengers, most of the time your car tyres carry the same weight – you, for an average of 8,000 miles per year. Typical vans may have a payload of anything up to 1.5 tonne and clock 13,000 miles/year (DOT Road Traffic Estimates: Great Britain 2017). Car tyres are rarely checked for pressure. With vans, weight depends on the size of the delivery and tyre pressures need to be adjusted to match that weight. A chore? Certainly, but it makes tyres last longer and save on fuel.

So, vans are stressed to do more miles with much more weight.  Our solution is threefold: technology, choice and peace of mind.




Nankang commercial tyres are specially studied to meet these needs with:

  • Special tread compound to increase mileage and durability.
  • Heavy-duty steel belted construction to improve endurance and wear
  • Strengthened side walls to carry additional weight and strain.
  • Solid shoulders to resist scrubbing.
  • A variety of tread designs to provide better load capacity road and steering response; traction and handling; noise reduction; comfort; and grip and control on wet roads, snow and ice.



One size doesn’t fit all and Nankang makes a range of tyres for van, trailer and caravan, for town and motorway, and summer and winter driving – and obviously in all sizes.



Our van tyres come with the Nankang Road Hazard Lifetime Warranty. To put it simply, if your Nankang tyre cannot be repaired, it will be replaced under warranty.


In conclusion, Nankang Commercial Tyres  can help you deliver your goods safely, with better handling and braking, and reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.  To fit the right Nankang tyre, your nearest Nankang dealer will give you expert advice on choice and specifications, tailored to your requirements.

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