Motorcycle Tyres for 2022

13th Jan 2022

Nankang's first steps into the highly competitive Motorcycle and Scooter market launches this year. With sizes covering sports touring through to supersports there's an option for all riders.


The WF-1 is designed to be a sports touring tyre that delivers excellent mileage due to the harder central compound and water drainage and is optimised for everyday riding so you're never caught out whatever the weather.


The WF-2 is designed for riders of high performance supersport/hypersport bikes who want fast warm up and excellent cornering abilities from a semi slick tyre. The WF-2 has a harder compound in the middle and super soft compound on the outer tread.


The WF-99 is the tyre of choice for small capacity sport bikes that want a tyre that offers fantastic grip in all lean angles. New for 2022 this is used as control tyre in TMRRC.

The range has been extended from Motorcycles to now also include scooters.

Popularity of scooters is increasing year on year in the UK and this is due to a few factors; congestion on roads getting worse, fuel prices soaring and the increase in cities using congestion charges, scooters are seeing a huge sales boom as people want to cut costs or lessen the environmental impact of their journeys and commutes.

We've now launched a range of scooter tyres that offer excellent value for money, peace of mind and most importantly the ability to perform and grip in all weather situations, everything that you'd want when taking journeys through traffic jammed cities!

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