• We know that life can be hectic with school runs, ferrying the kids around, runs to the shop, daily commuting, multi-drop deliveries and breaks away... The last thing you need is a tyre problem.
  • The Nankang tyre range is available with a Road Hazard Lifetime Warranty when tyres are supplied and fitted through approved dealers.
  • This protects you against all of the dangers faced on your travels such as irreparable punctures and potholes


Peace Of Mind That Lasts A Lifetime


A lifetime - really?


We know that there are many things you would rather spend your hard earned cash on than tyres, so whether your tyre is brand new or 75% worn, your tyre is covered meaning your investment goes further.

From the moment you leave the dealer with your freshly fitted tyres to the day you have to replace them, we've got you covered.

How does the discount work?


New tyres have 8mm tread, the warranty gives you a discount on a replacement tyre based on how much tread is remaining. The more worn, the smaller the discount. Please note: the dealer will charge to fit and balance the new tyre and for disposal of the damaged tyre.

Here is a guide showing you what discount rate you will get based on the tread depth remaining.

8mm and above ( as new ) - Free replacement

6mm and above - 75% discount

4mm and above - 50% discount

2mm and above - 25% discount

Under 2mm - 0% discount


How do I claim?


Damaged tyre? Simply return to any approved Nankang dealer with your warranty paperwork and they will do the rest. 

They will source your replacement tyre, fit it, balance it, dispose of the damaged tyre and provide a new Road Hazard Lifetime Warranty cover for the new tyre.

All you will have to pay for is the fitting charges plus a % of the tyre wear as per the chart above.


*Product exclusions

 The Road Hazard Lifetime Warranty only applies to all road use tyres. The warranty does not cover tyres designed for track or off-road use and only applies to the correct tyre sizes and type as approved by the vehicle manufacturer.

Warranty claims may be invalidated if inspection of the tyre shows damage attributable to a vehicle mechanical defect, malicious or intentional damage, or signs of the tyre being used in a manner not consistent with 'normal road use' or has been fitted outside of the manufacturer approved specifications.


Dealer Information

When selling Nankang tyres with the Road Hazard Lifetime Warranty, please ensure that the invoice states 'THE ABOVE TYRES ARE COVERED BY THE NANKANG ROAD HAZARD LIFETIME WARRANTY', failure to do so may result in the warranty not being honoured.

***Click here to download the warranty claim form