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Commercials and delivery vehicles lead the most arduous of lives.

Heavy loads, constant stopping and starting and frequent poor surfaces can take their toll on lesser tyres. Nankang tyres not only deliver the goods day-in, day-out but also provide maximum operator comfort for good measure.


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  • The Nankang CW-20 is a commercial van tyre which is well suited to every day driving whether up and down the motorways in your Sprinter or around town in your Transit, the CW-20 is the commercial tyre of choice offering ride comfort and optimum grip without breaking the bank.
  • Four-straight grooves ensure driving safety on wet ground. Sipes on the bottom of shoulder grooves keep tread soft and riding comfort in terminal wearing stage.
  • Shoulder rigidity enhancement prevents from irregularly wearing and is suitable for long distance driving.
  • Optimal lateral groove reduces the noise generated from air consonance and increases riding comfort.

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The Nankang CW-25 is designed to withstand the daily abuse of your van driving day, engineered to be durable whilst offering optimum grip at an affordable price, the CW-25 is the ideal choice to meet your commercial needs.

  • To make driving comfortable, (zigzag) groove design is to decrease pattern noise.
  • CW-25 is a NANKANG new generation commercial tire which emphasizes on enduring and wear performance ability.
  • Special tread compound increases its wear performance ability. The excellent pattern design enhances rigidity to afford tire loading.

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  • he arrangement of the tread pattern pitches, which is designed through computer simulation, reduces the generation of noise.
  • The sidewall horizontal ratio enlarged design ensures endurance, safety and smooth driving.
  • The deeper tread groove ensures great gripping ability and reduces the noise at the later stage of tire use.

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EU Tyre Labelling

EU Tyre Labelling

Fuel efficiency

Fuel EfficiencyOn the top left of the label, this shows 7 classes which range from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), the grading indicates the tyre's contribution to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Wet grip

Wet GripOn the top left of the label, this shows 7 classes which range from A (most efficient ) to G (least efficient), the grading indicates the tyre’s contribution to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

External noise

External NoiseThe grading indicates the tyre’s contribution to traffic noise and the environment. The label displays sound waves and corresponding levels ranging from 1 (least noise) to 3 (highest noise)






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