Official Nankang Tyre Distributor For the UK




    • The ECO-2+ is fully TUV SUD approved.
    • Excellent dispersible silica and unique crosslinking agents reduces rolling resistance substantially as well as enhances wet grip
    • The “Chain-End Modification”technology used in syathetic rubber strengthens fuel saving and traction.
    • HA-oil-free formula for all sizes conforms with EU environmental protection laws.
    • Central sub grooves with shallower depth enhance vertical/lateral block stiffness to avert block deformation and further reduce energy consumption.
    • Shoulder groove bottom with big angle retains shoulder block continuity, weakens block wriggling, and reduces energy consumption.
  • Two section lateral grooves on shoulders profile prevent uneven tread wear and enhance traction.
  • Four circumferential grooves enhance drainage performance and safety on wet roads.
  • Centeral rib design reinforces straight driving and handling performance.
  • Circumferential rib design on tread shoulder, with thin sipes instead of run-through lateral grooves, prevents groove resonance.

 comfortable.png ha-oil-free.png hydroplane.png low-noise.png silica.png b_300_400_1644825_00_images_ECO-2-TUV-MARK.png

ECO-2+ Tyre Range

T/L TIRE ONLYLoad ratingSpeed indexPATTERNRRCWet GripNoise Value (dB)Noise Class
135/80R13 ECO-2+70TECO-2+E[B]702
165/60R15 ECO-2+77HECO-2+E[B]702
175/65R15 ECO-2+ XL88HECO-2+E[B]712
185/55R15 ECO-2+ XL86VECO-2+E[B]712
185/55R16 ECO-2+ XL87VECO-2+E[B]712
185/60R16 ECO-2+86HECO-2+E[B]702
185/65R15 ECO-2+88HECO-2+E[B]702
195/55R16 ECO-2+87VECO-2+E[B]712
195/65R15 ECO-2+91HECO-2+E[B]712
195/65R16 ECO-2+92VECO-2+E[B]712
205/45ZR16 ECO-2+ XL87WECO-2+E[B]722
205/50R16 ECO-2+87VECO-2+E[B]712
205/55R16 ECO-2+ XL94VECO-2+E[B]722
205/55R16 ECO-2+91VECO-2+E[B]712
205/60R16 ECO-2+ XL96HECO-2+E[B]722
205/60R16 ECO-2+ XL96VECO-2+E[B]722
205/65R15 ECO-2+95HECO-2+E[B]712
215/45R17 ECO-2+ XL91VECO-2+E[B]722
215/45R18 ECO-2+ XL93HECO-2+E[B]722
215/45ZR18 ECO-2+ XL93WECO-2+E[B]722
215/55R17 ECO-2+ XL98VECO-2+E[B]722
215/60R16 ECO-2+ XL99VECO-2+E[B]722
215/60R17 ECO-2+96HECO-2+E[B]712
225/40ZR18 ECO-2+ XL92WECO-2+E[B]722
225/45R17 ECO-2+ XL94VECO-2+E[B]722
225/45ZR17 ECO-2+ XL94WECO-2+E[B]722
225/45R17 ECO-2+ XL94YECO-2+E[B]722
225/45ZR18 ECO-2+ XL95WECO-2+E[B]722
225/60R16 ECO-2+98VECO-2+E[B]712
225/60R17 ECO-2+99HECO-2+E[B]712
225/65R17 ECO-2+102VECO-2+E[B]712
235/40ZR18 ECO-2+ XL95WECO-2+E[B]722
235/50ZR18 ECO-2+ XL101YECO-2+E[B]722
235/55R18 ECO-2+ XL104VECO-2+C[B]722
235/55R19 ECO-2+ XL105VECO-2+C[B]722
235/60R18 ECO-2+ XL107VECO-2+E[B]722
245/40ZR18 ECO-2+ XL97YECO-2+E[B]722
245/45ZR19 ECO-2+ XL102YECO-2+C[B]722
245/50ZR18 ECO-2+100WECO-2+E[B]712




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